Recruiting a million personal shoppers for no-contact delivery to homebound people, with $0 store fees and $0 personal shopper commissions

  We are excited to announce the launch of our initiative  to employ over a million personal shoppers in our Samyata Retail Ecosystem - while at the same time not charging any fees or commissions. This is part of our pandemic relief strategy to try to make a dent in the huge unemployment problem and help revive local economies. We're also passing through 100% of the personal shoppers earnings without charging a commission to further try and help these essential workers during the pandemic.  More news on this coming over the next week... very excited and so proud of the Bodaty team for making the necessary product enhancements to make this happen

Bodaty Launches the Samyata Personal Shopper Program


The Samyata Personal Shopper app lets drivers set their own hours while making money on every delivery.

Naperville, IL, Feb. 27, 2019 -- Bodaty, a company that applies cutting-edge technology to improve everyday life, announces the launch of the Samyata retail ecosystem, an app suite designed to help shoppers buy what they want from local stores and pick up their purchase or have it delivered through personal shoppers.

“Saving time and making money is the name of the game with Samyata!” says Srirajasekhar “Bobby” Koritala, CEO & Founder of Bodaty, “Samyata Personal Shoppers are paid well while delivering white glove delivery service to shoppers who buy through the Samyata Retail Ecosystem.”

Samyata is a new, efficient retail ecosystem designed to bring stores, shoppers, and personal shoppers in a geographic specific, simple buying/selling experience. Samyata highlights what’s available to shoppers in their area while also strengthening the local businesses and connecting the community.

Personal shoppers receive a notification when an order request comes through the app. They pick when they are active and what orders they want to take. This lets them work when they want to work, making money while adapting to their schedule. Because Samyata wants to support every aspect of their ecosystem and the local community, it has a generous payment structure to ensure personal shoppers are well paid.

To become a personal shopper, download the app on the App or Google Play store:


Bodaty is developing radically new platforms and apps for shoppers to buy from stores near where they are, payment systems that make it easy to pay and share expenses, family sharing apps that let grandparents share their life stories with future generations and other such technology solutions that dramatically change the world. We use cutting-edge technologies such as mobile, nosql, google cloud platform, AWS, AI, Analytics, Conversational UIs, Electron Microscopy, etc. in our products and services, to improve everyday life. To learn more visit

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Recruiting a million personal shoppers for no-contact delivery to homebound people, with $0 store fees and $0 personal shopper commissions